MS Tunnel Ladders

MS Tunnel Ladders MS Tunnel Ladders

MS Tunnel Ladders of Height 5.5 Mtr

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of optimum quality MS Tunnel Ladders from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

This ladder is specially made to work in all types of tunnels for Electrical as well as for any type of Work at height upto 5 meters. They can be used outside Tunnels also.
Provision is made for persons to stand on both sides of the ladder in Cantilevered position & both can work standing on the ladder at the same time. Special supports provided to these Cantilevered extensions.
Heavy duty Wheels are provided to move the ladder easily. Proper supports are provided in the right place to achieve full safety of the working persons. Any Safety Authority will approve the construction of these Ladders.
These MS Tunnel Ladders are modern day solutions for working at a height inside Tunnels, where one has to work on the Curved side walls at heights above 3 mtrs.
For Easy handling & transportation, the construction is such that they can be totally dismantled & reinstalled on sites.
Main Ladder & Cantilevered side extensions are independent of each other. The side extensions are add-on type with 100% Human Safety & they can be mounted or removed easily.
The side extension platforms are so well designed that one can very easily & safely perform required Drilling, Mounting, Welding etc at required height inside the Tunnel using both hands, with 100% Safety. There is also place to keep required Tools & Materials handy on the platform.
This MS Ladder is heavier than Aluminum Ladder But it is the Perfect replacement, because such side extensions with 100% Human Safety cannot be achieved in Aluminium version.

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